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Glulam is a versatile, technically-sophisticated material for use in wooden buildings where very high standards are essential. It strength makes it especially suitable for bearing structures in buildings where long span widths are part of a beautiful architectural impression.


A strong feeling of space is typical of glulam structures. They facilitate openness and airiness in the use of space and create opportunities to develop solutions that are close to people and equally enjoyable in residential and recreational buildings and industrial and warehouse architecture. As a natural material, wood blends nicely into its environment. Its durability and moderate cost likewise make it a very competitive alternative vis-à-vis steel and concrete in public buildings of many kinds.


Mentioned below are some of the possibilities in machining of Glulam that we can supply.


  • Cutting of Beams

  • Bevel at Beam End

  • End Slot

  • Groove

  • Half Lapped Connection

  • Saddle

  • Tenon

  • Holes

  • Drilling

  • Milling

  • Glued in Rods

  • Apex Bracket

  • Falls

Connection Details

In any construction connections are required between glulam elements and between glulam and other building materials. These connections are often being made of steel or plywood connected with nails, screws, dowels or bolts. 

Simple connections are one of the major benefits of glulam because it is easy to handle, work and fix to, at the same time bringing time and cost advantages to your construction. Please contact us for further details.


Connection Details


  • Apex connection – industrial portal frame

  • Apex connection – half lapped portal frame

  • Apex concealed connection – Steep pitch portal frame

  • Apex connection – arch pinned

  • Portal frame base shoe

  • Post base fitted connection

  • Externally exposed arch base connection

  • Concealed beam to beam connection

  • Beam to wall connection

  • Beam to beam connection

  • Half check beam to post head connection

  • Tied arch base connection

  • Purlin to portal frame connection

Why Glulam?

Today glulam is used in many varied types of construction. The majority sold is used in new buildings, especially leisure buildings, schools etc. More recently glulam has become a well embraced material and is used in churches, play grounds, bridge building, multi-storey car parks, electricity masts and many other projects.

Wood has well known qualities which are also characteristic of glulam. Glulam is just as inviting, warm and real at the wood it is made from. Wood, together with other natural materials has regained its popularity and is being used considerably more within the building industry. 

In construction glulam is used for its strength and character building versatility. It can be produced in individual shapes – straight or curved – large or small.

The colour of the material gives the building a light and gentle touch. In interaction with other natural materials glulam creates visual appeal within the building producing a good living and working environment.