// Glulam Specialist

AJ Laminated Beams Team

\\ Sarah

Sarah has been at AJ for 12 years taking over from her father Mike who started the business in 2000. She is completely mad and likes the workshop to look like a showroom. Sarah likes to make sure AJ offer a quick, simple cost-effective service. She is a chatterbox, loves to make everyone laugh ? and keep morale high. She does suffer from OCDD obsessive compulsive dog disorder ?, bringing her 6 beloved dogs to work with her. It’s true to say she is barking mad !!!!!

\\ Julie

Me Julie as we affectionately like to call her has been at AJ for 7 years, luckily she loves dogs too (she wouldn’t have got the job if not?). She has 3 dogs 1 of which comes into the office when she is here. She too is a chatterbox and is so kind, caring and helpful to our customers and staff. She is extremely tidy and can smell a dog fart at 10 paces, when she does she produces and array of smelly sprays and chokes us all. (you have all heard the rhyme who ever smelt it??? dealt it )

\\ Malcolm

Malcolm or Chief as we like to call him has been at AJ for 2 years, he has a huge knowledge of the construction industry, and we think when it comes to the technical side of glulam and projects he’s the best man for the job. He has the patience of a saint as he has to deal with Sarah and Julie on a daily basis. Based up in Barnsley he is the Yoda of AJ and we all find it hilarious when he says nowt. ??

\\ George

George has been at AJ for 12 years, he is a glulam surgeon ? and the master of cutting and machining beams. He has a tough job moving those monsters about. He is extremely hard working and always manages to turn that last minute order round. He has a great sense of humor and singing voice but lacks the words to most of the songs. He also has a secret stach of crisp and sweets ?? (well he thinks its secret) in his office.

\\ Gavin

Gavin has been at AJ 2 years, and went from using his feet to play football ⚽ for Ipswich Town to driving ? for AJ. He is a great representative of the company and will always go out of his way to accommodate our customers with their deliveries. If you see Gavin throw himself on the floor during a delivery clutching his shins, show him a magic sponge ? and he will be back on his feet in seconds like nothing has happened.

\\ Team Fur

We like to promote a relaxed atmosphere in the AJ office, this is 6 of the 9 dogs we have in the office, its fun, loud and stinks of farts.
(think its Julie really ??)

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