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GLULAM – Timber you can trust

In an evermore responsible world the importance of glulam keeps growing, AJ supplies premium quality glulam for the construction industry. Glulam offers versatile design and structural stability with the warmth and beauty of natural timber. We supply only 100% traceable glulam from sustainable well managed forests You can trust AJ for efficiency, reliability and commitment to our customers as much as for our glulam

From tree

This is where it all starts. Selecting the correct species to produce the best Glulam. The resultant timber needs to be easily bonded and structurally consistent…

To Log

Trees are felled when they reach their economically mature stages (40 to 150 years) this also depends on tree species and environmental factors…

To Timber

Timber conversion is the process of turning a log into planks or boards…

To Glulam

A glue-laminated timber is an engineered wood product, meaning it is made from wood but is machined and
assembled to precise specifications to create a predictable, dimensionally stable building material…


Glulam beams are very efficient to produce. The energy required to produce a glue-laminated beam from the log is only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel or concrete, it can also be reused or recycled. Glulam has superior earthquake resilience, withstands aggressive environments and is more predictable in a fire than any other structural construction material.

In relation to its weight, glulam is one of the strongest construction materials. This means that glulam beams can be used over larger distances, it’s stable and will not twist or bend and can be made into virtually any shape. Section sizes for glulam are almost limitless and usually, the only constraints are access and transport
The total cost of glulam construction is often lower than other construction materials and can be worked with simple hand or machine tools.


Load-bearing structures use construction timber that is strength graded. For Glulam the beams are manufactured in accordance with …


The basic concept of Glulam is making large section beams by bonding smaller sections which have smaller defects such as …


The development of resin glues has contributed to the wide use of glued laminated timber in construction. After curing of the finger joints…


During the manufacturing process, samples of finger joints and laminated beams are taken for testing to destruction to ensure …


Where beams are used in hidden situations there is no further work carried out after they are planed…


Careful detailing of connections is a critical part of any Glulam design. As well as transferring the loads they must be detailed to make allowance for natural characteristics of the material such as the effects of changes in moisture content. From your design detail drawings, we can machine our Glulam for connection brackets/plates such as shaped ends with slotting or drilling, ready for on-site assembly.

If you are looking for designs, technical advice or just wish to talk over an idea, please contact us.

// Sustainable

As well as offering unique beauty, excellent value for money and unparalleled renewability, using wood from sustainably managed forests actually reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as the carbon dioxide stored by the forest and in the timber product outweighs any carbon dioxide created during the production of the product. Each tonne of timber used instead of other building materials (like steel, or brick and concrete block) saves around a tonne of carbon dioxide.

AJ Laminated Beams are proud to be PEFC certificated, purchasing our products from only well managed sustainable forests. We also use our off cuts to craft other products such as furniture, lighting, planters and anything else we can think of. We also donate our off cuts to West Suffolk college and local schools for the use of their students. Anything we have left after that is used to heat our workshop during the winter months or turned into kindling.

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